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The software solution for professional
management of biodiversity data

BioOffice is a software tool widely acknowledged by a growing user community including leading Austrian museums and universities, as well as public authorities and non-profit organisations. The BioOffice application is used for the registration and documentation of biological collections as well as for archiving and evaluation of project-related data such as cartography of flora and fauna.


BioOffice assists you when working with taxon and specimen based information in projects such as field surveys, biodiversity issues and monitoring. It is the software for biologists for input, mapping, spatial analysis and exchange of field and distribution data.

Where to use BioOffice?

BioOffice is the ideal software tool for
• building biodiversity archives
• biodiversity research
• biological collections management
• monitoring
• surveying and mapping of plant and animal distribution
• inventories of nature areas

Who uses BioOffice?

Current users of our software include taxonomists, collection managers, conservation biologists, ecologists, biogeographers and educators as well as private collectors of biological data or objects and institutions such as universities, museums, national parks, governmental agencies (e.g. departments for nature conservation) and NGOs.

Product highlights

• database and geographic information system in one product
• multiple options for (spatial) data query and analyses
• multiple options for individual configuration
• easy data exchange between users
• sophisticated interface for quick and ergonomic data input
• no need for re-programming for new users